Monday, March 17, 2014

Newest Obsession

It's been awhile since I've blogged yet again.  I have been bad this past school year! You would think that only having one child at home would make it easier to blog... But that one child at home is like a little leech when Missy isn't home! 

So, I'm breaking nearly all of my previous promises to blog about Missy's birthday party and other such happenings over the summer. If you are DYING to see snippets, hop on over to my Instagram feed and check it out... Though you'll have to scroll back a ways. :/ Sorry about that!

My grandmother was very generous at Christmas and sent some money for us to buy "wants" for ourselves. The kids received re-decorated rooms, Hubby received a Nook, and I purchased my very first sewing machine! 

For YEARS I have been terrified to sew. I figured that if there was a way to sew your finger to a blanket, I would do it. This coming from the girl whom almost chopped off her thumb with a massive paper cutter... And there WAS a guard!! But I collected the courage, pushed back my fears, and ordered one!! I then ran out and bought fabric for a few projects and waited. Then the ice storm hit the day it was scheduled to arrive and I waited a few more days. 

It FINALLY came in and rather than busting it out immediately and sewing something, I was smart about it and took it to my "professional" friends to teach me how to use it. (They are not actual professional seamstresses... But one knows how to sew the cutest little dresses for her daughter and the other knows her stuff as well. So in my book... "professionals.") 

One of them took the lead since our machines are similar. It's like she KNEW me! She threaded the bobbin... And then UNthreaded the bobbin and said, "Now YOU do it!" Then she showed me how to thread the needle, and then again UNthreaded the needle and had me do it!  Visual Kinesthetic learning at it's finest!  

Missy has been growing inches in her legs recently and pants that we just bought were too short and rather buy her new jeans when these fit everywhere else, I wanted to sew on ruffles to the bottom! So this became my first project! My second project was to simply sew up the back of smocked fabric to make a dress and then to sew button holes into ribbon so that I could add removable straps to the dress.  She is in love with her "new" pants and new dress and I am in love with my sewing machine!  

I even managed to sew a coordinating dress/top for Masha!

The sewing machine rekindled my Pinterest obsession and I found more easy projects that I could do! Baby gifts! Easter gifts! I am so excited and Missy is just as excited to watch me sew as I am to sew! The Hubs is taking the dining room turned sewing room "renovation" rather well too!! Just kidding... I set it up and take it all down when I'm done... most of the time.  I'm thinking the next home may need a sewing/craft room. ;) 

Do you sew? What do you like to sew?