About Me

My name is Monica.  I’m a wife, a mother, a pet owner, a cook, a maid, a referee, a chauffeur, and a writer.  In short, I’m a Domestic Engineer, and I love it!  I am a mom... but I'm not "just a mom." I take pride in what I do and love (although sometimes it doesn't look like it) what I do!
I have 2 young children: "Missy" and "Budboy."  They are 17 months apart.  Sometimes, I think we were crazy to have them so close in age.  Sometimes, I think we were brilliant!
Life is chaos most of the time.  From a daughter who likes to shriek and a son who likes to growl, to the electronic toys that seem to be in constant motion and song, our home is never quiet.  And with my husband being in the Army, our schedule is in constant flux and we never know how long we are going to be in any given location (we have had 6 homes in the 5 years we have been married).
In all of this, I want to control the chaos.  But I also want to let my kids to be kids.  I don’t want to squelch their spirits.  I want Missy to believe she really is a princess, a dog, a grown-up, a character in Berry Bitty City, whatever it is she is imagining at that moment.  I want Budboy to really believe he is a tiger, or a lion, or a bear…. he’s always growling… I think he really thinks he’s an animal!  Most importantly, I want them to grow up to be GREAT adults!
Join me!  The ride is fun and full of sparkles and plaid!


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