Wednesday, November 21, 2012



Thanksgiving is in full swing in our house right now.  Last night, I wrote my list of the last few things that need to be purchased. Today, our guests arrive and tomorrow morning the cooking begins!!  This will be my second Thanksgiving in which I was responsible for the food.  I am much more relaxed this year, but somehow, I doubt that will be the case Thursday morning (sorry, Nicole).  Hopefully, I remain like the duck: calm and unruffled on the surface and paddling like the devil underneath (my favorite quote from Lord Barbizon). 

I love that this time of year really makes us think about being thankful.  Today, Missy was picking out what she wanted to wear for Thanksgiving.  When she told me what she wanted, she said, "I want to wear dis dwess for Givingthanks... I mean Thanksgiving."  I thought she said it perfectly.  :)  It saddens me that society seems to celebrate Halloween and then skip right over Thanksgiving and move to Christmas.  I don't dislike Christmas... I love Christmas!  However, Christmas decor is popping up in stores earlier and earlier.  Black Friday is no longer only on Friday... it is creeping into the day that we should take a step back and be thankful for what we have!! Instead, people focus on what they want.  

There are a few things... well, a lot of things that I am thankful to God for this year... but I will only touch on a few. :)

My husband.  He is my best friend.  He is super patient with me and the kids and always puts us first.  He folds and puts away the laundry because he knows how much I hate that chore and he cleans the kitchen after dinner.  He also allows me to sleep in on the mornings that he is home (which is often right now).  He is a man of integrity.  He works hard to support us so that I can stay at home with the kiddos.  He isn't one of those dads/husbands that comes home and sits because "it's the stay-at-home-mom's job to cook and clean and take care of the kids."  He comes home from a full day of work and realizes that I've also had a full day of work and helps out where he can!  I love him and am excited about the years to come!

My kids.  They have taught me so much about myself.  I have learned that I need patience.  They have indirectly pointed out my flaws and have made me embrace me for who I am.  They have helped me to look at life more positively than I used to.  They make me want to be a better person.  Missy is a free spirit. She is spunky and strong-willed and intelligent.  She is protective and nurturing and gentle.  She is curious and artistic and an encourager.  Budboy is a fighter.  He came into this world struggling and has held strong and come a long way.  He deals with his allergy like a champ and never complains.  He is smart: he knows instantly if he has ingested something that has cheese or milk in it and will spit it out before swallowing!  He is caring.  He is a lover.  He is strong and protective.  He is silly and goofy.  He is sweet and quiet and loud.  My children could not be more different and they can be a challenge.  But they are a rewarding challenge and I wouldn't exchange them. :)

My family.  We have been through a tough rode in the last few months, but we are stronger because of it.  I am thankful for the times that I did have with my sister.  The years that we were connected at the hip and the years that we were connected by daily and hourly texts.  I would not be who I am if I didn't have her in my life.  She has always been my best friend and my sister.  No one can fill the position that she held.  In my family there were the parents, the girls, and the boys.  Each member had their partner. My partner may no longer be here with us, but we will be reunited again one day.  

My best friends.  Some of them have been friends for close to 20 years and some have been friends for a shorter time frame, but they are all very important to me and play a pivotal role in who I am.  Distance has separated most of us, but we are all still connected and pick up where we left off.  I am moving closer to some of you and am excited for that.  I am still connected with some of you by correspondence, but I am thrilled that we are getting better at staying in touch. 

I am thankful for the Army.  The Army has given the Hubs a job and a steady one.  It allows for me to stay at home with our kids.  It allows me to have the doctors that I need for my health.  We don't get to live extravagantly, but our needs are met and that is what is important.  We get to live simply and focus on what really matters to us.  

I hope that you all have a great time with family and friends this Thanksgiving! 

What is the thing that you are most thankful for?


  1. Favorite post right here !! Got teary eyed . First off I love that my husband isn't the only one that does the laundry on Sundays lol! I'm pretty much thankful for all of the things you said , my husband, our girls , family and friends and LIFE! And , im also thankful for you! Youve been a great friend to me ... and i wish that we wouldve taken more advantage of it, :) hopefully we will be able to see each other sooner than later! I agree about the Black Friday thing - I never go the dang thing , haha! Hope you have a blessed , peaceful , and happy Thanksgiving, XO!

  2. What an inspiring blog to read that you have made progress in your walk on this earth. I feel that you are really close to the Lord. That is a good thing. God has blessed you with a wonderful husband, and two terrific and awesome children, you are also a wonderful person and that is why the Lord is blessing you, Monica. I am thankful for such a loving family and three generous children, who care for one another. I am also thankful for living in the USA and to have the great privilege to study the Bible and go to Church and praise the Lord. Have a peaceful and joyous holiday as we look forward to the second coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Peace to all and have a blessed Holiday

  3. I hope you see this, sorry I have been off line for a while. Its been crazy here and I love your post. This season was a little hard for me to keep up with everyone, due to many things going on, I am thankful for my husband and kids and that for a little while we have stopped being nomads. I am thankful for all the technology we have to keep in touch with loved ones. Sorry I have been lacking on my end. It hurts me to talk to you and many others, but I pray to God everyday for all the people I hold dear to my heart. I agree about the whole Christmas thing starting way too early, I love the holidays with my family and boycotted the Thursday thing (Companies are not putting their employees first; which also makes me thankful to be a stay at home mom-my work is always with me:) I still love shopping black Friday though, I love holiday shopping (just not with the kids:)