Wednesday, January 23, 2013

On the Mend

Ever have those weeks where things just don't go as planned?  Well, I have definitely been having those weeks. We've been busy and the kids have been... well... challenging.   And to top it all off, my health acted up in a way very unbecoming of itself.

So, I'm now in recovery mode. :).  Which means lots of rest and the household responsibilities have gone by the wayside.  The Hubs has been great and is helping in anyway he can.  As have some friends. :)  My mom arrives tonight and will be staying for two weeks so that she can help and so that I don't backslide at all.  

The Hubs had the amazing opportunity to attend the NFC Championship game with his brother!   Go Niners!  They made the drive to Atlanta the morning of the game and had a blast as well as a lot of brother bonding time!  Of course, the 49ers won and are headed to the Super Bowl!!

The kiddos also thoroughly enjoyed having their uncle in town and celebrating his birthday with cupcakes and handmade cards and pictures!

I love watching the kids having joy in celebrating their friends' and relatives' birthdays.  They know it is a special day and love on them in any way that they know how.  They are both givers and nurturers and I love that about them.  Sure, they have the selfish tendencies that come with the toddler years, but I know they will outgrow that.  I hope they never outgrow their giving spirits. 

Until next time!


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