Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Princess and the Prince

I guess it's really the princess and the musketeer... but the kids think that Budboy was a prince and that is the opinion that counts, so we'll go with it. Tonight we went trick-or-treating on post. The kids, mainly Missy, as Budboy didn't know about trick-or-treating, had been looking forward to this night for weeks!  

As you can tell... they are oh-so-excited!!

Budboy was practically running up to the first house. Missy was in dress-up heels ("up-shoes" or "slippers with sticks" as she calls them) so she was having a little trouble walking, but she was a trooper and refused to change into the alternate pair of real shoes that we had on hand. 

Budboy just got his first ever trick-or-treat candy, and he now loves this holiday!

She wanted to make sure she had her picture taken after the first house also...

 After the first house, Budboy was even more excited and ran to the next. He was getting free candy and all he had to do was say "trick-or-treat" and "thank you!" Of course, his sounded more like, "teek a teet" and "tank you!" And at a few houses he added, "see wa way-der" (see you later) and "ha-ee ha-wee" (Happy Halloween). 

These boys were so sweet to the kids! One even helped Missy find her shoe and commented that Cinderella lost her slipper!
By now, Missy is a pro at trick-or-treating. She is not shy, though she sometimes appears to be, so walking up to strangers and asking for candy and engaging in conversation is a dream come true for her! Yes, that thought is scary. To her, everyone is a "friend." We are working with her on that.

His "Chandler smile"... Friends reference... :)
 Near the end of the night, we could tell that their buckets were getting harder and harder for them to carry... but would they let us help? Nope!! THEY wanted to carry them!! 

Glow stick swords!!
After the last house, another girl handed them each a glow stick. Which, of course, became swords! And at that point, they were more than willing to let Daddy carry their buckets so they could duel. 

The kids were not thrilled with the idea of heading back to the car, but once we were there they did not fight it. They were visibly tired and a part of them probably wanted to relax... and eat a treat. :)

All done, and another "Chandler smile!!"

My sweet little girl. Tired but very happy!

We got home and dumped their loot onto the floor and divided it up. Missy does not like chocolate and Budboy cannot eat chocolate... so all of that and the hard candy went into the blue bucket for Mommy and Daddy and all the rest went into the pink bucket for the kids. They don't get to eat lot of candy normally, so it will take a long time to go through it as they will get one piece a day, but I was very excited to see that we seemed to get a fair amount of teddy grahams and pretzels this year! So YAY!!

Tomorrow For the rest of this week and possibly next week, I'm expecting to have a little princess and prince running around the house. I'm excited for them. This is Budboy's first "dress-up"!!  :)

How was your Halloween? What did you do? What did you or your kids dress up as?


  1. Well, you already know what we did an all, but loved the costumes and the post !! Looking forward to many more :)

  2. Julian had so much fun! He kept trying to walk into everyones house! He also thinks everyone are his friends haha

    1. Haha!! That sounds like Ana!! Glad he had fun!!

  3. We were lazy this year!! Katie Sue was a black cat! Add a tail, ears and facepaint nose and wiskers and VOILA! A cat! Too bad it took almost 2 hrs to get her completely dressed because she decided she didn't want to dress up right then! She was even willing to bypass candy and just stay home! :( The mean mommy that I am, pinned her down and shoved her clothes on...after the first house, you would have never known she was upset. Later she said, thank you for putting on my costume Mommy. (Little booger!)

    1. Haha!! If only they would understand that when we are going to take them somewhere, it is usually for their enjoyment!! I'm glad she had fun even though she didn't want to at first. It makes the whole night more enjoyable for all. :)