Thursday, August 22, 2013

Been Awhile

The last few months have been crazy over here at our abode.  We've had birthday parties, doctor appointments, first day of school, lots of family and friend visits, and potty training!

Part of the "getting back into routine" of a new school year means back into the blogging routine for me. :) In the upcoming weeks I hope to detail some of the happenings that have occurred over the summer.  

This is the first real school year for us.  I have done homeschool preschool with Missy for the last year and a half, but not as structured as I had hoped.  Well... not as often as I had hoped... I didn't want to be TOO structured for preschool.  And I don't want that to sound like homeschool is not real school.  It is!!  *I* just didn't commit as fully.  

I can't believe that Missy is old enough to be in Pre-Kindergarten!! I still kinda remember like it was yesterday when she was thrusted into my arms and my dad was yelling "WHAT IS IT?! WHAT IS IT?!" and the doctor yelling excitedly, "IT'S A GIRL!!!"  Now she is four!  I realize that it isn't college or anything, but it is still full day!!  She is still out of the house from 8am until 3pm, Monday through Friday!  Being a stay-at-home mom has given me the luxury of being with my children all the time.  Seeing them through everything!  I admit... I'm kind of a helicopter parent.  Sure, I let them fall and get bumps and bruises.  And I'd let them get dirty if they were into that sort of thing (they totally are NOT into that sort of thing and are CONSTANTLY asking me for a baby wipe to clean their hands, faces, arms, feet, etc).  But I am not that parent who can sit on a bench and watch them play from afar.  THEY don't LET me sit on a bench and watch from afar.  Believe me, I sometimes wish I could.  So having her gone all day is... well... weird! 

She is LOVING it!!  She loves her teachers.  She loves her classroom.  She loves that she can do art everyday because she can pick her own center during center time.  She loves that she gets Ms. M to herself during rest time because she is just about the only student who does not sleep.  She loves that her future husband is in her class (her words - not mine).  She was even ecstatic that she got a homework assignment!  She has even decided that she will hang out with a different classmate everyday so that she can get to know all of them!  My little includer! :)

Her teacher is awesome!  She saw us at church after the first week of school and came over to say hello.  If it was possible to love her teacher even more, she does now that we all go to the same church.  Missy is often afraid to go to sleep because of bad dreams... so she asked Ms. M to pray with her before rest time.  Ms. M, being the awesome person that she is, did not hesitate.  She told me that she is more than okay especially knowing that we have the same faith to do that with Missy if she requested it.  I understand that she can not initiate it and that it can't be on a whole classroom level, but I'm very pleased that she is allowing and helping Missy to practice her faith in the classroom.  Ms. M is enjoying Missy's desires to have "deep conversations on pickles", her sweet way of keeping all her classmates accountable to their actions, her attention to detail, and the fact that she WILL call her out if she doesn't see her at church.  :)

Thank you for sticking by me through this long hiatus! I'm looking forward to spending time with you all again soon!

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  1. I love her little foot pop in the last picture! That is so cool (and I am sure a little hard for you at the same time) that pre-k is all day. Gannon starts K this year and it is only half day in the morning.