Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Home... New Wreath!


I've missed you!  We are in our new home.  And all the boxes are unpacked!  I told myself that I would not take my computer out of its bag until everything was unpacked.  :)  DONE!

We live in a cute little home with four rooms.  That means we can have a playroom that can convert into a guest room when needed!  YAY!!!  Guests no longer have to feel like they are in the way as they sleep in a room filled with action figures and cars and little boy stuff.  Actually, I guess they are sleeping in the playroom... so still surrounded by toys and therefore they still may feel like that... but they can KNOW that they aren't.  :)  Both kids will be sleeping in their own beds rather than one sleeping on the floor somewhere.  And that makes for a perfect compromise to me!  

The night we finished unpacking, I ran to Hobby Lobby (I am so excited to live near a Hobby Lobby!!) and purchased materials to make a new wreath for the front door.  I was itching to do something crafty, but like blogging, was waiting until everything was unpacked first.   I had a coffee filter wreath at our last home, but I was having issues with how I was going to transport it safely to the new home.  Then, the night before we left, a friend was dropping me off after a farewell dinner and inquired about it.  So... I gave it to her!  Problem solved!  

At Hobby Lobby, I purchased a foam round wreath, aqua colored yarn, 4 different colors of felt (red, pink, ivory, and white), and a large chipboard letter.  It wasn't much, but I spent about an hour slowly walking around the store looking at all the goodies!  Missy would absolutely love this store!!  :)

Anyway, that night while catching up on Grey's Anatomy, I wrapped the wreath with the yarn.  It took FOR-EVER!!  It was glued on one side with tacky glue so that it stayed put.

This is what it looked like about 2 hours in.  See!  F. O. R. E. V. E. R.  The next two nights, I worked with the felt.  I found this tutorial on Pinterest.  It was super easy, but also a little time consuming.  I measured and cut mutiple squares in different sizes in the colors I chose.  Then each square was rounded on the corners, then cut into a spiral.  Then the spiral was rolled from the outside in, and then glued with tacky glue.  I hope I'm explaining it well.  If not, the tutorial contained more pictures than I thought to take.  :)

Once all the rosettes were made, I painted the letter.  

As I was putting the wreath together and playing with placements, I changed my mind on having a plain solid black letter and added polka dots. :)  Then I hot glued it all together, added a weight to the back of one side (anything small and heavy will do) so that it hung more evenly.  As you can see in the pics, it still doesn't hang perfectly straight... I have to find another thing to add a little more weight.  Finally, I added some ribbon to hang it from! 

I love it!  Its bright and cute.  :)  And easy!!  Although very time consuming.  :)  

Until next time!



  1. That's super cute Mon, I was thinking of doing this one thanks for letting me know it was a time consuming one. I too also made the coffee one for my aunt and was a little jealous I didn't make one for myself (But I'm not coffee drinker and she is). I also made the corn husk one for Christmas since Tamales is our thing, was a big hit in the pass around, but I had to wear gloves so I wouldn't get dye on my hands(also time consuming but fun to do) Hope you enjoy you new home and that all is well. Look forward to your next post-Renee'

  2. Congrats on your new home, Monica! I believe that it’s both exciting and pretty tiring, especially when unpacking things. Anyway, did you made an early check with your new home before you moved? I wish you did, it would keep you from having a hard time dealing with some repairs. By the way, that is a nice-looking wreath!

    Calvin Mordarski

  3. I LOVE the wreath!! You already know that ;) I am so excited for mine!

  4. You must be so happy in your new home. I like your blog, I am your newest follower.

  5. Oh so adorable! Love that wreath! Congrats on the new house!