Sunday, December 2, 2012

24 Days of Christmas: Day 1

This is the first year that we are doing an Advent Calendar.  I am super excited!  Rather than a traditional calendar, we are doing an "Advent Tree!" I found the idea on Pinterest, but here is a link to a tutorial.  I forgot to take pictures while I made all of the cones, but Cassie at "Hi Sugarplum" does a great job of explaining it! All of the ideas for the 24 days were either Pinterest pins or were my own.  Have I mentioned how much I love Pinterest?  Well, I do.  Love it.

 It all began yesterday.  Right after breakfast, the kids were dressed and then went back to the table so that they could find the cone on the tree with the number 1 on it.  The little slip of paper said that they were going to be getting their very own Christmas tree and that they were going to make a garland for it!

 Then it was off to the living room for garland making fun!!  To make the garland, I used all materials I had on hand: some white beading cord and neon pony beads.

Missy has done quite a bit of beading in the past, so she went right to it!  Bub had a little more trouble but he tried.

Then things got interesting.  Have you ever seen a Jack Russell go into "puppy mode" and they get all crazy and start digging or running around and they can't seem to stop, but they look so happy and excited that you don't want to stop them?  (Donner did this when we tried to litter box train her... never again...) Well, that was Bub with the beads!  He started digging...

And dumping them....

And sitting in the tray....

And driving a car in them... immediately after we picked them back up... and complete with screeching sounds....

And throwing them... which sent Missy into a panic and scramble to pick them up....

And swimming in them....

While he was having the time of his life with the beads, Missy and I were busy beading and collecting beads that were being scattered.  After an hour or so.... the garland was strung and on their little tree!!  Both of them were so excited by this little tree and Missy cannot wait to put other things on it!  She wants to do all the activities today, but she will have to learn patience.  :)

Before going to bed, we read a story called The First Christmas Tree and Missy drew a picture of a Christmas tree.  She was so excited about the story because it was a "God story" and was even to hear only a few lines before determining that it was the story of baby Jesus from a different perspective.  She amazes me!  I would show you the picture of her Christmas tree... but Bub's scribbles got a little carried away and drifted onto her piece of paper and she responded by scribbling all over her paper.  Oh well.... kids will be kids! 

Until next time!



  1. Boys will be boys and girls will be girls!

  2. I agree with Papa :) love this Monica , we have never done the advent calendar - ill have to look into it , maybe next year :)