Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday Extravaganza

The past few weeks have been BUSY!  We had Missy's "Holiday Extravaganza" at gymnastics... kinda of like a recital, I guess... the parents got to come down to the gym floor with them and see what they could do.  It was so cute and she was so proud of herself!  As she was jumping and flying down the trampoline, she would look at me and shout, "WOOK MOM!! I DOING IT!! I DOING IT!!"  She even learned a new skill that the next level up does!

This is the beloved Ms. Jennifer.

At the end of the Extravaganza, Santa came out and Missy had her first encounter of the season with him. :) 

She was so sweet and asked only for a pencil.  And when she got one (it just happened to be included in the gift bags) she was SO excited and ran back over to him and said, "Tank you VEWY MUCH for my pencil!!  It my FAVORITE pencil in da whole world!!"  This reaction caught the "Santa" off guard and he let out a normal laugh and broke from character a little! :)

Later that night for advent, we went and saw Santa after church.  Poor Bub.  He was not having it.  He didn't actually cry... but he held back those tears with all his might!  He did manage to ask for an iPad though.  Ha ha!!  Priorities!

They also had the chance to meet Mrs. Claus and she and Missy danced and twirled while waiting for Santa to finish his time with the children in front of them.

Missy, again, was thrilled!  I think we have a believer!  Bub... not so much.  :)

I'd love to hear your Santa stories!!

Until next time!



  1. Love the pictures !! T asking for an iPad - HiLARIOUS!! Lol , we have 2 believers here but K is not too fond of him haha, she didn't even sit wih him , A def did !

  2. Joel saw Santa for the first time when he was 2 with his cousin Alex. Joel was like "whatever, this is what they want me to do so I'll do it" Alex was not having it. since then Joel loves to see Santa and tell him what he wants for Christmas. Zilha on the other hand loves to see Santa from a distance wave hi and say "there is Santa!" I have 2 pics of her and Joel on Santa's lap where she is crying for me to take her back. This year was only Joel telling Santa what he wanted cause surprise, surprise we waited till last minute to see Santa (Christmas Eve @ 5pm). Zilha was sick right before Christmas and still scared so I held her so she wouldn't get Santa sick:/