Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Another "Glorious" Moment

Have you ever had one of those moments when you just have to breathe and count to 10?  I had a moment today when I had to keep counting.  Counting to 10 was just not enough of a breather.  

A few hours before the moment, we received a package from my parents with a birthday gift for me, some goodies for the kids, and some art supplies I had left at their house by mistake.  Missy was SUPER excited!  Her voice kept getting higher and higher and culminated in shrieking and jumping onto the dining table for this little Strawberry Shortcake On-the-Go Activity Pack.  In this box was also 2 tubes of glitter and 2 bottles of glitter glue.  Can you see where this is going?!

Fast forward to quiet time.  Glorious quiet time.  

I'm scouring Pinterest in peace.  The Hubs and Bub are sleeping and Missy is coloring with her new activity pack.  I decide to look in on her to find crayon all over her dresser and mirror.  Of course, she chooses the blue crayon.  Did you know that blue is the hardest color to remove from walls and furniture?  I have had more luck removing black crayon off of flat builder's grade paint with a Magic Eraser than I have had with blue crayon.  I am out of Magic Erasers and have to get more, but baby wipes were not budging the crayon from the dresser.  Anyway, I scooped up the Activity Pack and informed her that after the marker incident the other week and this crayon incident, she was loosing the privilege to color in her room for awhile.  She apologized and went back to her bed to play quietly.

Nearly a half hour later I hear the bathroom faucet turn on.  And off.  And on again.  And off again.  Then she comes running out to excitedly tell me that she washed her ears.  I off-handedly say, "Oh cool."  Because really... washing her ears?!  Then I look at her.  And I see it.  

There, on her left cheek, is a small smattering of pink and blue glitter.  My eyes must have bugged because she immediately fell silent.  I got up and headed towards her room and she did not follow.  I walked in to find a sight dreaded by every janitor that works in an elementary school.  

She had snuck out of her room and grabbed the glitter and snuck back into her room and opened them!

 In her own words, she wanted to "make her dress sparkly like a princess.  And her pajamas.  And her face."  

Thank goodness the bottles of glitter glue were sealed!!  Those did not go all over her bed and carpet.  But that doesn't mean she didn't try.  Oh she tried!  The lids were off.  

This behavior is so out of character for her!  I counted to 60... not really... but I definitely stayed in her room and took a few many deep breaths before going back to the living room where I found her standing with her fingers in her ears (her scared/nervous stance).  I told her that she lost glitter privileges for awhile and that she knew she wasn't to be playing with glitter without me being right with her.  She, again, apologized for messing up her room and for spilling the glitter.  But then asked if I could put the blue glitter and the pink glitter back into their tubes so that she could use it later!  HAHA!!  Uh... no.  She got to watch me vacuum it all up.  

Good news: my new Dyson vacuums up glitter AMAZINGLY!!  

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